Thursday, 30 October 2008

My new playmate

This is going to be my new friend, his name is Fly.

Today i went with my mum and dad to the Dogs Trust in West London. I was really good in the car, i just curled up in the back and went to sleep, every now and again i popped up to say hello but i didn't make a sound. My mum was really pleased with me i think, cos she kept singing to me, she kept telling me she loved me.....Silly woman.

When we got to the Dogs Trust i remember where i was, i was really nervous as i didn't know if i was being taken back there. We went through the door and Adam came over to say Hello, i remember Adam he helped look after me amongst all the other wonderful staff there. Lots of the staff came to see me and say hello and they all said that i looked well, that's all the hot dogs i keep eating.

We then went back outside and it was raining and i took to this pen, i remember this pen, i started whinning, i don't want to be here, what is happening. Oh look another dog has come to join us, i am told his name is Fly and he is nervous like me. I saw my mum make a big fuss of him and she even gave him some of my hot dogs, how dare she. We got to know each other as dogs do and then we ignored each other, i was later told that is a good thing, as we are more likely then to get on when he comes to stay.

We are going to pick him up next weekend...................... So Fly welcome to my home and i hope we become really good friends.

Sunday 26th November

My mum still isn't here, it is not the same. My dad takes me out for a walk but when he lets me off the lead i keep about 10 feet in front of him, he keeps trying to tempt me with hot dogs and in the end i took it. When we got home he had a little chat with me, he told me that mum was in this place called a hospital and that she would be coming home today................ I cant wait to see her.

She's home i cant believe it she is home, as soon as she walked through the door i felt much more relaxed and everything is back to normal.........................oh what bliss. I'm tired now after my weekend i think that i will just have a dog nap
Night night

Saturday 25th October

I don't like today, my mum left the house with dad in the morning and then didn't come home with dad I don't know where she is but i don't feel very comfortable, i don't know what to do i am just pacing the house and running around in circles outside. I wont come indoors even though i keep being called i just want to stay out here until she comes home. I didn't even want to come in for my food, but my belly got the better of me so i eat my food and then sulked. WHERE IS MY MUM???????????

Monday, 20 October 2008

I might be getting a new playmate. I heard my mum on the phone today, the Dog Trust rang her asking her how i was getting on and did they or have they considered getting a new playmate for me.............See i'm so famous now everyone wants to be my friend :-), anyway i heard them talking about about this nervous collie who is looking for a home, he is not as bad as me as he is comfortable around people it is just outside noises that he is not too sure off. Anyway they are going to send details and hopefully i might get to meet him and if everything goes ok i might have a new playmate........... Dont worry Gael you are still my girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dog Training

I would just like to say a BIG Hello to Dona, hope that you are enjoying reading my blog! Thank you for staying with me.
I had my first dog training day on sunday, i was really nervous being put in the car, but i just laid down and hoped that i wasn't going to go to somewhere that i didn't like. When i was let out of the car i was greeted by other dogs, it was great, i got to say hello and have a good sniff. After a little while we went into this large field and there was about 6 other dogs standing there, i didn't know what to do, all i saw was my mum making stupid faces and saying things to me that i didn't understand. Anyway i was good at some things, like standing from a sitting position, being told to sit, but everything else i was either ok or need to do better next time round. After 2 hours i came away totally knacked which my mum and dad was pleased about cos i was quiet for the rest of the day.
Night Night
George xxxx

Thursday, 16 October 2008

I am now on FACEBOOK, click on the link on the right hand side and come and be my friend
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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Hi Daisydog and Alex

So nice to hear from you and it is also nice to know that i am not only one who is really nervous. I still get very nervous around children and strangers but the very nice people that i meet on all my walks now know me and i am getting to know them and i am confident enough now to let them stroke me. There is one dog who is a Boxer called Benson ( there you go i have named dropped you again) who i know has treats on him so as soon as i see him now i run straight up to him cos i know he is going to give me something yummy.
My favourite treat when i am out walking is HOTDOGS yum yum, Toni cuts them all up and puts them in a little bag and when i was out walking on the lead she would feed me them every now and again and then once off the lead she kept calling me back all the time for my treat, i loved it i couldn't believe it would be so much fun. Now i have my treats all the time, she even got me doing a little trick, i am such a quick learner that after a couple of go's i now do it automatically without thinking.
I am positive that your owner Alex would love you let you off, it is all about having a little bit of confidence and making sure that you go somewhere quiet, however if you read the bit about where i went missing for 20 mins or so you owner may never let you off the lead at all ........ only joking. Please let me know who you get on, i would love to hear from you...... George xxxxxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Did you see it? Did you see it? Don't i look very handsome? Well i think i do anyway. If you don't know what i am talking about, i am talking about the piece the DOG TRUST did on me for their quarterly magazine, they did a very nice write up and the photos make me look sooooooooooo good.

Sorry that i haven't been on here for a while but i have been so busy enjoying myself. There is so much to tell you but i would be on here for hours so i will try and break it down into small junks and then hopefully you wont get bored with me.

I am going to start going to Dog Training on a Sunday morning, apparently my Recall leaves a lot to be desired. There was this one afternoon i went missing over the fields for 20 minutes, all i did was pick a scent up and i thought it would be fun to follow it, i could here my mum shouting but i thought whilst i could still hear her then i know i would be OK, after a while i got fed up with sniffing out something that i couldn't see so i decided to go back, my mum was not very happy at all, she made me walk behind her all the way back home. After that i was kept on the lead for the next couple of days, after that i was let off again but not for long, i think i pushed my luck too far that time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day i was being let off and i thought that i was being really good, i came back every time i was called and i didn't wander off too far either, and what did i get to my good behaviour???????????????????????????? a week in the kennels.

THEY decided that they would jet off on holiday and leave me, whilst i knew where i was going i didn't realise that i would be left there so long but i was really pleased to see them when they came to pick me up and to this day i don't wander too far and always come or well nearly always come to them when they call, cos if i don't i might end up going back there.

Everybody who knows me now have remarked on how much i have changed, they all say that i am much more confident and it looks as though i am putting weight on, my coat is really glossy and shiny. I am really spoilt but only with love, not so much with treats and it seems that i suffer with Colitis, so I'm much happier with just plain food and lots of cuddles and fuss, every now and again i get a treat and when i do i savour it.

Today i went out for a walk and i met my good friend BENSON ( happy now that you have been mentioned? ) i don't know these dogs only want to know me, in the hope that i may make them just a famous as me, anyway, i was going for a walk and Benson and his owner Roy came to, we went over the fields and as soon as we were let off the leads we started running all over the place, now, i don't why i do it, i have been told it is because i am being a puppy, but when i get excited and start playing i nip, i try really hard not to hurt but i just cant help myself so we were rolling around and i was nipping at Bensons neck, Benson was loving it, we were really going for it and the next thing i knew my mouth was full of blood it looked like i cut my gums, i don't now how i did it, but once i was cleaned up i was put back on the lead as was Benson. You would have thought i would learn my lesson, but let me tell you that i didn't cos i went and did the same all over again once i was let off the lead again.

Anyway i have talked enough now, i need a rest. Hope to speak to you again soon

Night Night George xxxx