Thursday, 30 October 2008

My new playmate

This is going to be my new friend, his name is Fly.

Today i went with my mum and dad to the Dogs Trust in West London. I was really good in the car, i just curled up in the back and went to sleep, every now and again i popped up to say hello but i didn't make a sound. My mum was really pleased with me i think, cos she kept singing to me, she kept telling me she loved me.....Silly woman.

When we got to the Dogs Trust i remember where i was, i was really nervous as i didn't know if i was being taken back there. We went through the door and Adam came over to say Hello, i remember Adam he helped look after me amongst all the other wonderful staff there. Lots of the staff came to see me and say hello and they all said that i looked well, that's all the hot dogs i keep eating.

We then went back outside and it was raining and i took to this pen, i remember this pen, i started whinning, i don't want to be here, what is happening. Oh look another dog has come to join us, i am told his name is Fly and he is nervous like me. I saw my mum make a big fuss of him and she even gave him some of my hot dogs, how dare she. We got to know each other as dogs do and then we ignored each other, i was later told that is a good thing, as we are more likely then to get on when he comes to stay.

We are going to pick him up next weekend...................... So Fly welcome to my home and i hope we become really good friends.

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