Monday, 20 October 2008

Dog Training

I would just like to say a BIG Hello to Dona, hope that you are enjoying reading my blog! Thank you for staying with me.
I had my first dog training day on sunday, i was really nervous being put in the car, but i just laid down and hoped that i wasn't going to go to somewhere that i didn't like. When i was let out of the car i was greeted by other dogs, it was great, i got to say hello and have a good sniff. After a little while we went into this large field and there was about 6 other dogs standing there, i didn't know what to do, all i saw was my mum making stupid faces and saying things to me that i didn't understand. Anyway i was good at some things, like standing from a sitting position, being told to sit, but everything else i was either ok or need to do better next time round. After 2 hours i came away totally knacked which my mum and dad was pleased about cos i was quiet for the rest of the day.
Night Night
George xxxx

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