Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Did you see it? Did you see it? Don't i look very handsome? Well i think i do anyway. If you don't know what i am talking about, i am talking about the piece the DOG TRUST did on me for their quarterly magazine, they did a very nice write up and the photos make me look sooooooooooo good.

Sorry that i haven't been on here for a while but i have been so busy enjoying myself. There is so much to tell you but i would be on here for hours so i will try and break it down into small junks and then hopefully you wont get bored with me.

I am going to start going to Dog Training on a Sunday morning, apparently my Recall leaves a lot to be desired. There was this one afternoon i went missing over the fields for 20 minutes, all i did was pick a scent up and i thought it would be fun to follow it, i could here my mum shouting but i thought whilst i could still hear her then i know i would be OK, after a while i got fed up with sniffing out something that i couldn't see so i decided to go back, my mum was not very happy at all, she made me walk behind her all the way back home. After that i was kept on the lead for the next couple of days, after that i was let off again but not for long, i think i pushed my luck too far that time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day i was being let off and i thought that i was being really good, i came back every time i was called and i didn't wander off too far either, and what did i get to my good behaviour???????????????????????????? a week in the kennels.

THEY decided that they would jet off on holiday and leave me, whilst i knew where i was going i didn't realise that i would be left there so long but i was really pleased to see them when they came to pick me up and to this day i don't wander too far and always come or well nearly always come to them when they call, cos if i don't i might end up going back there.

Everybody who knows me now have remarked on how much i have changed, they all say that i am much more confident and it looks as though i am putting weight on, my coat is really glossy and shiny. I am really spoilt but only with love, not so much with treats and it seems that i suffer with Colitis, so I'm much happier with just plain food and lots of cuddles and fuss, every now and again i get a treat and when i do i savour it.

Today i went out for a walk and i met my good friend BENSON ( happy now that you have been mentioned? ) i don't know these dogs only want to know me, in the hope that i may make them just a famous as me, anyway, i was going for a walk and Benson and his owner Roy came to, we went over the fields and as soon as we were let off the leads we started running all over the place, now, i don't why i do it, i have been told it is because i am being a puppy, but when i get excited and start playing i nip, i try really hard not to hurt but i just cant help myself so we were rolling around and i was nipping at Bensons neck, Benson was loving it, we were really going for it and the next thing i knew my mouth was full of blood it looked like i cut my gums, i don't now how i did it, but once i was cleaned up i was put back on the lead as was Benson. You would have thought i would learn my lesson, but let me tell you that i didn't cos i went and did the same all over again once i was let off the lead again.

Anyway i have talked enough now, i need a rest. Hope to speak to you again soon

Night Night George xxxx

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