Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Hi Daisydog and Alex

So nice to hear from you and it is also nice to know that i am not only one who is really nervous. I still get very nervous around children and strangers but the very nice people that i meet on all my walks now know me and i am getting to know them and i am confident enough now to let them stroke me. There is one dog who is a Boxer called Benson ( there you go i have named dropped you again) who i know has treats on him so as soon as i see him now i run straight up to him cos i know he is going to give me something yummy.
My favourite treat when i am out walking is HOTDOGS yum yum, Toni cuts them all up and puts them in a little bag and when i was out walking on the lead she would feed me them every now and again and then once off the lead she kept calling me back all the time for my treat, i loved it i couldn't believe it would be so much fun. Now i have my treats all the time, she even got me doing a little trick, i am such a quick learner that after a couple of go's i now do it automatically without thinking.
I am positive that your owner Alex would love you let you off, it is all about having a little bit of confidence and making sure that you go somewhere quiet, however if you read the bit about where i went missing for 20 mins or so you owner may never let you off the lead at all ........ only joking. Please let me know who you get on, i would love to hear from you...... George xxxxxx

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