Monday, 4 August 2008

I've learnt 3 new things this weekend.

I like swimming - we went for walk around the fields near where we live and there was this big dirty pond, i only wanted a drink from it but ended up swimming half way out, it was great fun, i even went back again for second helpings............ Toni called me a smelly old git, don't know what that was all about.

I am able to go for walks with other people, Toni and Brian went out for the evening and left me home all alone, she asked her friend Kay if she would let me out so that i could do my business, she did better than that she took me for a walk and her dog Winston came along to, wasn't to sure about that at first cos the last time we met he decided to stick his head up my bottom and i let him do that a couple of times, if you are not too sure about this procedure it is just away of us dogs saying hello and getting to know each other, well he really wanted to get to know me but as i was a little bit nervous i let him know that i had enough of this act of saying hello, but i needn't have worried cos everything was just fine and we got along famously. In fact they are all going on holiday together soon and Winston and me are going to the same kennels i wonder if they will put us next to each other?

I like to be brushed, i didn't like it before because i was so thin it hurt, but now that i am filling out a bit more i don't mind it, when i go for walks i like to run up and down the ditches in between the trees and i get covered in grass seeds, it doesn't bother me but for some reason it does Toni as she has to pick them all out of me, this weekend i got covered there were so many that it would have taken her ages so she used a brush and it was lovely, i just laid there with my eyes closed................... oh what heaven

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