Monday, 28 July 2008

I'm going to be famous, I'm going to be famous, OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO BE FAMOUS!!!!!
I can see it now, everybody is going to want my Paw-o-graph, bitches (female dogs) are going to come rushing up to me just so that they can touch me.
I'll have to make sure my coat is nice and clean , good job Toni brought me my new collar and lead, it's electric blue, which goes really well with my nice shiny black coat............. I'm going to look gorgeous.
We received a phone call today from Head office at the Dogs Trust and they asked for some photographs and they asked Toni if it was OK if they do an article on me. I cant believe that they want to write about me. I wonder what they are going to say?????????

Things have been going well, I had my first big outing, i went to the next village for a training session, i did really well, the trainer was really pleased with me, that was good cos i think that he thought i would be useless and not interested in doing anything, but i proved him wrong ha ha

I've started playing with a ball, when the ball is thrown, i run after it and bring it to Toni, i am finding this great fun.

I have stopped pulling on the lead to much and walk quite well, i really love my walks it is the only time that i feel really free, i am really happy.

Anyway, i am really tired now and i have to practice my pawograph

Hope you are all well
Night Night

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