Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Take a look at me!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi George, aaaah bless you are soooo sweet. My owner saw your article in the Dogstrust magazine. I am a bit like you not in looks but I am a nervous dog. Very confident now at home with my new family (well, I have been with them since Easter 2008) but still v scared when there's other people in the street. I was very scared when i first met my family & they brought me home from Dogstrust in Kenilworth but I love them lots now & they really love me! Seeing that you go off the lead gives my owners hope that one day I might too...they are terrified I might be scared by something/someone & hare off in the opposite direction & get lost or even worse - run over! Anyway, I expect my owner Alex might be back to read your inspiring story that's a bit like mine! Love from Daisydog x