Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hey, how are you? Long time no blog. Sorry that I have not been on here for a while, but you know how it is, places to go, people to see, things to do. It has been raining all day today so, in between going for walks and getting soaking wet and having my belly filled with food, I thought that I would catch up and tell you all what has been happening since the last time.

Well, my naughty behaviour did not stop at crossing the road and not coming back when told to, I thought I would carry it through to the next day and while out on a morning walk I decided that I was going to run off and not come back, no matter how many times she called me and tried to bribe me with treats. I thought it was great fun, she DIDN’T. I got shouted at but I didn’t listen one bit, this went on for ages. I think she got so fed up that she went to sit down on a stile and as she did I went over and then she grabbed me, put me back on the lead and made me walk behind her all the way home, she didn’t talk to me but kept pulling me back, I guessed I was in trouble didn't do as I was told. As you can guess she didn’t let me off the lead on our next walk, it was horrible.
Over the weekend and to this day I have been a good boy off the lead and coming back when told, I did something that I haven’t done in a long while and that was to jump a 5ft ditch, Toni and Brian watched me and thought it was funny as they enjoyed it so must I thought I would do it again, but this time I missed and fell in the ditch, as you can guessed I felt silly but just shock myself down wagged my tail and acted as though I did it on purpose.
I’ve become a tea leaf, well, it’s Toni fault, she shouldn’t leave yummy things around. When we go for our walks I have got a thing for hot dogs so she cut some up and put them in a bag and left them on the kitchen side, she went upstairs and when she came down …………………. You guessed it, I had them all, yum yum. You would have thought that she would have known better. Thought I was going to get shouted it, but I didn’t, bet she won’t do that again in a hurry.
Toni’s Note. He is becoming a real character and showing his mischievous side, which is good as it shows he is becoming more relaxed and confident. He will allow me to do anything to him without any trouble. He has decided that he loves licking bare feet and yogurt pots once they are finished.
When we come back from over the fields he is normal GREEN by this I mean he is covered in grass seeds and he likes nothing more than just to lie on the floor with his eyes closed and for me to pick them all out, it’s time consuming but I guess it’s bonding time also.
We are getting there!!!!!!!!!

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