Thursday, 12 June 2008

What is going on

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???????????????????? There are funny things all over my sofa, great big wooden things each of them have 4 legs attached and they are on MY sofa, i cant get on and where are my training pads they are gone to.......... I don't like this, it is not comfortable any more what do i do? If i cant get on the sofa then i shall lie on the floor and get as close as i can to the back of the sofa at least then i can still feel safe. I keep being up out side now every couple of hours and keep hearing the words " go and do a wee wee and poo poo" what is all that about? All i do is pace up and down the garden and go round in circles. A funny thing happens sometimes if i cock my leg i see these funny people making a noise with there their hands and grinning from ear to ear, does this mean i have done something right? Does this mean WEE WEE, this is strange! oh well, if it makes them happy then i guess i can leave with that.

There is a swing seat in the garden i have taken to jumping up on it much to the amazement of my new owners, i can now get up there on my own, so if i don't want to do this thing called Wee or Poo i just get up there and lie down, do you think i look pretty? I look pretty scared but believe me i got up here all on my own

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