Sunday, 15 June 2008

Week 5

Can't believe i have been here for 5 weeks it seems much longer as i have achieved so much.

Today i meet some new people i think they are the family of my new owner, I understand now that my new owners name is Toni, i like spending time with her and i respond to her better than i do to anyone else, i don't know if that is a good thing or not as it will mean that i will become to attached to her but what the heck, she fusses me, gives me my food and walks me. I am becoming very friendly when going out for a walk now, i love meeting new people and dogs, i tug on the lead cos all i want to do it run up to them and say " Hi, I'm George, lets be friends" i pull so hard on the lead sometimes that i hear Toni shouting at me to slow down, if i am not careful she is going to end up with one arm longer than the other, oh well at least she doesn't have to go down the gym and lift all those weights now, she's got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love going for a walk now, as soon as i see the harness i start to wag my tail cos i know what is coming, my owner has now stated to tap me on the leg and say paw, I've got no idea what that is about, but when she says it, she lifts my leg and put it through the loop of the harness, i think i understand what she is trying to say but I'll just play dumb and let her get on with it. When we are out we go over the fields, i wish i could be let off the lead so that i could run free, i love to run through the long grass and sometimes when i hear my name being called i run through the grass back to my owner. I am very good at sniffing, i love to sniff, i have also got a bad habit of eating other dogs poo and i keep being told off, she doesn't understand that it is tasty, she should try it sometime, i am sure that she would like it.
This evening i played with my toy for the first time, i really lost myself in the moment for a short time and my owner was loving it, i hope that she encourages me to play more.
I'm really tired now so will finish this off later............... night night

Tuesday, I am so proud of myself as today was the first time i went outside on my own and done a wee, nobody told me go i just went. Toni was so pleased with me she made a big fuss and gave me a treat, something i have never had before................cheese, boy i like that but i have been told i can only have this in small amounts so I'd better make sure i am a good boy and then i can have plenty. :-)

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