Sunday, 22 June 2008

week 6

This is my new friend Gael, she came to stay with us for a couple of weeks, i was very unsure at first as i didn't know what to expect but over the course of her being her she became my friend. We slept and eat together and because she is confident i copied her in doing lots of things, but now she has gone i feel a bit lost. In the morning we use to run upstairs together and wait until Toni was ready to get up and get our breakfast, but now i wont go and if i do go it is after a lot of coaching, i have become very jittery again, but maybe in a couple of days i will settle down. But then next Monday she comes back for a couple of weeks yippee, so maybe i will pick up a bit more and learn a few naughty tricks.

So what's been happening, well not much really. I had a visit from a very strange person dressed in green, she knew me by name and had this funny thing around her neck i have since found out it is called a stethoscope, i think i have seen her before some where, she tried to get close to me but i was very unsure, however after a bit of time i did let her touch me and she gave me a clean bill of health, i am very fit apparently, i have a cracked tooth but it is not causing me any problems so that is OK and i also have a lump at the bottom of one of my ribs, it may have been caused by having my rib cracked, i don't know how i did it, but again it is nothing to worry about now. I am also sure that i have put some weight on, not very much but any is good right now. This lady as given me this herbal stuff that goes into my food and helps me chill out abit, I'll let you know how it goes.

I have now learnt how to ask to go out for a wee now, so i am getting lots of lovely treats for being a good boy

This is all for now but i will keep you posted

Night night

George x

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