Thursday, 12 June 2008

I have been in my new home now for around 4 weeks and I am finding it very strange and frightening. I jump and everything and can not settle. I don't really understand what is being said to me, what i must do, so i just stay in the corner and hope that no one bothers me.

A strange man came to the house, i think he is a behaviourist and he told my owner that i am very with drawn and he hasn't seen a dog like me in a long long while, i don't want to go near him as i don't know him, he put a lead on me and lead me outside where he just sat on the floor, he tried to give me some tasty treats but i didn't want them, in the end i just laid on the ground and hoped that he wouldn't bother me.

When i was allowed back in i just dived straight on the the sofa and back into my safe zone.

I have started to soil the house even when i have been outside for a walk, i don't do my business whilst out walking i don't want to stop i just want to get back and on to the sofa. My new owners have put these white pad things down for me, i guess then i am allowed to use them and my toilet, they don't even tell me off when i do anything.

One day we went out for a walk, didn't do anything, we came back and we stayed in the garden for a long time and it was raining hard and my owner would not let me back in until i did my business but i didn't, in the end we came in, she went upstairs, she came back down and found a puddle on the training mats, i don't think that she was very happy with me but she didn't shout or hit me, so i guess it must be OK..................... I've done that a couple of times.

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