Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Last Few Weeks

The day that I was brought home was really scary for me. The only time I had been in a car was when I was brought to the centre.

My background is, is that I am a stray from Scotland, I was emicated with alopeca and scars, it is very evident that I have never had any real interaction with humans and I have never been in a house before.

I was ok in the car althou jumpy, but I managed the 1 1/2 hr drive ok. When I was let out of the car I didn't know what to do except run around like a headless chicken, even when they opened the house doors I would not go in. After about 30 mins I decided to ventre inside, I did a couple of 360 degree turns in the kitchen/diner/snug before flying on to the sofa right in the corner. Right now that I have found my space and bagged the best seat I wasn't going to give this corner up easily and as I am new to the house I am sure that they wont turf me off. In the snug on the sofa they were watching telly and then this noise was really loud it made me sit up and watch......WOW what was this, all I could see was these things going round and round in circles making a load of noise, I couldn't take my eyes of it, I was told it was Formula 1 whatever that is.

They also have a telly in the kitchen and it was on in there as well, I dont get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first couple of weeks have been really hard, we are all tying to find our feet and I have been trying really hard to relax, but with all these

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