Wednesday, 11 June 2008


As I am sure you know by now my name is George, on this page I am very quickly going to bring you up to date with what is happening and then after that I shall post my thoughts here as often as I can. If it is not me, i am sure it will be my owner who chips in with her comments.

So how did i get here?

I was in the West London Branch of Dogs Trust for around 6 months, I spent nearly all my time behind the scenes as I was far too nervous to let people look at me let alone the thought of anyone wanting to take me home.

The first weekend I was up for viewing for re homing was the scariest, there was a notice put up to warn people of how nervous I was and asking them politely not to crowd or tap on the glass screen. I was so nervous all I could do was pace up and down the small enclosure.

I could see these two people looking at me and for 1 minute I would not believe that they were interested in me, but they were and the next thing I know I am being lead out but one of the carers to meet these strange new people. When I arrived outside there was this person sitting on the floor, why she was doing that I have no idea, but I was so nervous I wouldn't go anywhere near her and all I could do was to keep alert and keep moving back and fourth. She tried to give me a treat but I wasn't taking a treat from anyone, it smelt rather good but for all I know she could have been trying to poison me. At that meeting I meet her another 5 times, I still didn't get use to the visits but she kept on coming, sometimes she brought a man with her, I guess they must be together.

After 3 weeks of visits, walks they took me home. Whilst in the centre waiting to come out and go I knew something was going on and I felt very uneasy. As one of the carers lead me out I could see all these people with alot of friends of mine, I hope they have all found good homes to. I was treated like a V.I.P with people coming to say goodbye to me, I think that they were glad that someone was finally willing to give me a chance, but I am sure that they will miss me.

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