Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Let's start


March 14th 2008 @ around 10.15am was the saddest day that my husband and myself had encounter for a long long time. This was the day and time that we sadly lost our most adorable, loving collie Bonnie. Bonnie came from an abusive home, we had a few hurdles to deal with when we first got her but over time her real personality came through and whilst she was a terror in a cheeky way, you couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog in all aspects. She suffered from back problems over a period of time she was having acupuncture and that seemed to be proving successful and i even brought her a cart to get around. But on this fateful day she was in pain and could no longer stand and the last act of kindness that we could do for her was to allow her to be pain free. This dog touched everyone who knew her and there have been and still are tears being shed for this wonderful dog and not just from her owners.
After about 6 weeks i could not stand it any longer, the house was quiet and still and nothing going on, i found myself, waiting around to do things, like going to work, gym etc. We then decided that we needed to get another dog, at the time i felt guilty as i thought it was far too soon and i didn't want people to think that i was trying to replace Bonnie, but the truth of it was she had left such a massive void in our lives that we needed another dog to fill it.

Bonnie will never ever be forgotten and never replaced and she will always hold a special place in my heart, and i am sure that if she was here she would understand and approve us trying to re home another dog who was in the same situation as her.

Please let me introduce you to George.

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