Sunday, 16 November 2008

I'm not a happy DOG

This new addition called Fly has been here nearly 2 weeks now and overall I am not very happy.
He's nicked my bed down by the sofa next to my mum, so now I have to lay on the floor by dad's feet, which is OK but he doesn't make a fuss of me like my mum does. Also he gets kisses and cuddles, to be fair I do to but I just shrug them off. Also and this really annoys, he has taken to sticking his head out of the cat flap, THAT IS MY JOB!!!!!! I like to see my mum off when she goes to work and then I like to welcome her home, but no, Fly has to do it now. I can hear her calling me but i am not allowed to get passed him, so as you can see I am feeling pretty p***ed off. Today we went doggie training, it was raining and muddy and I was not a happy doggie, as i didn't want to be there I really played up, I barked all the time, I wouldn't sit down, I wanted to sniff all the other dogs and basically I just wanted to cause as much trouble as possible and it worked, however, they decided to buy a half check collar and that soon taught me, oh well cant win them all. Fly on the other hand was left with dad and he wasn't happy either cos all he wanted to do was be with MY MUM. We all came home and me and Fly have just laid on the floor and haven't moved.
One good thing that may have come out of this is that mum has been advised to take me and fly for our walks separately, which means that I get to spend some quality time with my mum but also I get to go on my own which means that all the fighting with Fly on our walks has paid off.
I should just tell you that I don't really fight him but I like to chase and nip him all the time, I don't hurt him and he must like it cos he keeps coming back for more, but I know my mum doesn't like it when I do it. I don't think Fly is going to last here, well not if I have anything to do with it.
Night night

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Anonymous said...

Poor Mum! Double walking - how ever will you find the time??