Thursday, 6 November 2008

I dont know if i am really happy with Fly coming into my home, everything has changed my whole routine as changed, just so that we can make this Fly feel welcomed. He is not as nervous as me as he keeps creeping round my mum for a fuss and he is quite happy wandering around the house, where as me i just like to stay in one place........At least i am let off the lead for my walks, which is a lot more than he is..........ha ha.

My mum went out with her friend last night so we were home alone with dad, which was ok but i was really glad when she came home. She let me straight out and i did my business but Fly wouldn't so she took him for a walk and i heard her saying that he still didn't do a wee. I just hope he doesn't do anything in the night as i have to share a room with him and i like my bed warm and dry, not warm and wet.

Mum keeps telling me that i am her favourite boy, and do you know what I AM!!!!!!!!
Night Night

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