Monday, 30 June 2008

week 7 - monday 30th june

I am so tired today, i have only just come home after spending the night away from home.

First of all i must tell you that i am now fully lead free when i am out on my walks across the fields now and i absolutely love it, because i know that i am not going to go back on the lead i don't run off, i stay close to Toni and just wander................ I am sooooooooooooo lucky.

Anyway, yesterday i got taken out in the dreaded car, Toni sat in the back with me which was better as i didn't feel so nervous and whilst i drippled alot i was a good boy and didn't panic. We drove to this place that had kennels in and i thought oh no please don't send me away again, it seemed very nice though, very clean.

I was picked up today and i must say i really enjoyed myself, i heard them talking and Toni being told that i played with the other dogs (that is my favourite bit) i was very skittish in the kennel. It wasn't bad though and if i had to go back again i wouldn't mind.

I very nearly got into the car all by myself but chickened out at the last minute, so had to be helped in and i did dripple but not too much this time.
I'm really pleased to be home as i know that i am safe, but i am really tired, i think it is because i didn't sleep very well last night.
Once home we went for a long walk and i had loads of treats, I think Toni and Brian really missed me.

Editors note: I am so proud of my boy. In the last 5 days or so George and myself have really bonded, it took a while but we got there. What a lot of people thought would take months to get him relaxed, lead free, taking treats etc, i have managed it in this time. He seems to be responding to what i say to him, which i really have to be careful with as i don't want to get him to rely totally on me, it needs to be half and half with me and Brian, but if he becomes a one owner dog then i wouldn't want it any other way it has to be me :-)
To think of how he was 7 weeks ago the change is amazing and i hope that he continues to grow in confidence.
Whilst Bonnie is thought of and missed every day i hope she is in approval of what is going on here.

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